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Ideal for roasting. Easy to cook and easy to enjoy.


Bonless and skinless, ideal for every day use. Skin on, elbow on for added flavour. The Rolls Royce of chicken breasts.


Less money than supremes but more flavour. Skin on, small bone in.


Ideal for roasting, barbecue or for use in stocks and sauces.

Drum sticks

Ideal for roasting, barbecue or for use in stocks.

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Product Price (each) Quantity
Chicken drumsticks - 10 £6.50
Chicken wings - 10 £5.00
Chicken thighs - 5 £6.00
Supreme - skin on elbow - approx weight 220g £2.53
Supreme - boneless skinless - approx weight 220g £2.53
Whole chicken - large - approx weight 2.5/3kg £15.45
Whole chicken medium - approx weight £10.37
Whole chicken small - approx weight £7.88