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Fillet steaks: Cut from underneath the sirloin. The most expensive but also the most tender of cuts.

Sirloin: Cut from the loin. Probably the most popular of steaks because of it's tenderness and flavour.

Rump: Not as expensive as sirloin but still excellent value, just as tender with a slightly different flavour.

Porterhouse: A fatter and more flavour-full part of the sirloin. Delicious!

Ribeye: No fat on the outside, only on the inside. Delicious!

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Product Price (each) Quantity
Ribeye steak - approx weight 341g / 12oz £11.59
Porterhouse steak - approx weight 341g £11.59
Rump steak - approx weight 341g / 12oz £9.00
Sirloin steak - approx weight 341g / 12oz £11.59
Fillet steak - approx weight 313g / 11oz £17.29
Fillet steak - approx weight 227g / 8oz £12.25