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All our bacon is supplied by Cheshire Oak and is of the very best quality available. Cheshire Oak use the finest quality pork and cure it using their unique recipe to create traditional bacon and gammon products.


Thick cut, meaty, tender and full of flavour. Ideal for the best cooked breakfasts and bacon sandwiches.


Thin cut, ideal for BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches). Also, use it for marinading poultry and/or a garnish for steaks. We think it's better than Pancetta, and half the price!

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Product Price (each) Quantity
Gamon - horseshoe steaks - approx weight 200g £2.37
Bacon - rind on smoked streaky - approx weight 500g £3.90
Bacon - rind on green streaky - approx weight 500g £3.90
Bacon - smoked rindless shortback - approx weight 500g £4.95
Bacon - green rindless shortback bacon - approx weight 500g £4.95